Head Housekeeper (Sycamore)

Head Housekeeper (Sycamore)
Sycamore Hall
Part Time

For this role we are offering:

  • Part Time (30) Hours
  • Ongoing support with training and development
  • Uniform provided

Key Responsibilities:

  •  Prepare and maintain a 4 week rota, ensuring the Housekeeping team is adequately staffed at all times.
  •  To instruct the Housekeeping team in their role and required duties / allocation.
  •  To provide hospitality services to residents and their guests. Serving meals, snacks and beverages at their request in the location of their choice.
  •  Daily to ensure all displayed menus and meal information throughout the home is correct and up to date.
  •  To consult with residents on a regular basis to ensure that their needs and choices are being met. Obtain feedback from residents and staff regarding cleaning and laundry quality to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the home and our residents at all times.
  •  To ensure that all cleaning and laundry consumables are ordered from current nominated suppliers in line with Company purchasing policy.
  •  To ensure stock takes are carried out at the end of each month.
  •  To work within agreed budget guidelines on staff costs and consumables and to co-operate in any action necessary so as to keep to budget.
  •  To implement and maintain cleaning schedules for the entire home and ensure that they are adhered too.
  •  To ensure cleaning of all areas of the home are to the highest standard, including grounds.
  •  Establish and maintain a rapport with individual residents and agree a convenient time to carry out cleaning of their personal rooms.
  •  To organise deep cleaning duties when required.
  •  To ensure the laundry of residents clothing is to the highest standard, including ironing.
  •  Ensure the Laundry team collect and return laundry to the correct area of the home on a regular basis, and put away personal clothing of residents in a neat and tidy manner.
  •  Ensure that all residents’ wardrobes and clothing drawers are kept clean, neat and tidy.
  •  Ensure deliveries are checked against order forms and ensure that invoices are accurate, and to action any discrepancies immediately.
  •  Ensure catering, cleaning and laundry supplies are stored safely and used effectively to minimise wastage.
  •  Maintain a high standard of hygiene within the home and adhere to COSSH guidelines.
  •  Maintain health and safety in the home by adhering to the company’s policies and procedures at all times, including instructions in the Facilities Manual.
  •  To co-operate with requests from the Home Manager and residents wherever possible.
  •  To attend resident/relative meetings whenever possible.